Volare Excellent 20 inch - 82003
Volare Excellent 20 inch  -  82003_1

Volare Excellent 20 inch girl bike. Truly a super Top quality 20 inch girl bike with modern design with quality front carrier and a closed chain with beautiful pink color accents. This girl bike has a completely new designed very sturdy luggage carrier with straps and an extra inflated frame. Luxury delicious handles, quality soft springy saddle, quality Thune Goal bracket, all screws and bolts and spoke nipples anti rust, water label stickers, Innova quality tires. Battery front and rear lighting, lock. With aluminum adjustable quality standard. Every detail has been thought of. Extra quality in the following parts: Prowheel crankset aluminum arm, oversized front frame, oversized front fork, Zoom aluminum stem, Zoom steering wheel, aluminum rims, chain tensioners and Innova quality tires with reflection. In modern pink. Every young lady wants to cycle to school on this girls bike!


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Fietsmaat Hulp
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